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As you can see I'm an old Nash buff. I owned my first one in 1954 and always had a longing to own another one. With a lot of hard work, time and money I finally have one. So I decided to have a Web Site to show off my Rambler and hope to talk and help anyone else out there that is interested in restoration and try to help with any tips and/or questions they may have. I believe the Rambler is a fine car, easy to work on and enjoyable to drive around in, for sure it has a style of it's own.

I was even pulled over by one of our local policeman so he could ask me what kind of car this was. I'm finding out that the younger generation had never seen one and did not know that Nash ever existed. So I have a lot of fun when I do take it out for a drive around town.

Restoring the car and maintaining the original configuration is not an easy task. Some parts do not exist any more, so they have to be reproduced. Things like door sills, rubber grommets around the windows on hard tops and convertibles and so on. I have a dentist friend who was able to make molds for those had to get rubber parts and they came out like new. Using the old original door sills I had a die set made to reproduce them. So as you can see I believe my car is as original as they come.

I hope you enjoy browsing around my site, reading up on my history and viewing my restoration photos. Feel free to let me know if you like what you see, or just email me to say hi.

-- John